Little Stages

I’ve mostly been painting & drawing recently. Here’s a couple of studio snaps from a wee series I’m working on…




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I finally had a full day in the studio today. I thought I’d share this pic of what I’ve been working on. It’s the starting point for a new series of images.


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Artists I Like: Gabriela Fridriksdottir

I had the pleasure of working at the RSA 187th Annual Exhibition last month. Featuring work by the RSA’s academicians & invited artists, the exhibition had a curated element titled ‘Between the Late and the Early’, curated my artist & academician Eddie Summerton.

One of my favourite artists invited to exhibit was Icelandic artist Gabriel Fridriksdottir.


Her work consisted of a number of ‘figures’ created from mixed materials including latex, bones & hair, each mounted on a plinth. The sculptures had a real outsider art naivety and harked back to times of sacrifice, voodooism and witchcraft.


The exhibition is now finished but you can see a 360degree panorama & recviews on the RSA website.

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Artists I Like: David Batchelor

I recently visited the David Batchelor Flatlands exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery.


Batchelor is best known for his sculptural light installation, unusually though, this exhibition is an examination of his drawing & 2d work.
I really liked the Blob paintings exhibited in the upper galleries. The Blobs are brightly coloured gloss poured on thin aluminium. As they dry some become wrinkled and have a textured surface. The black block underneath the blobs act as a plinth, transforming the Blob into an object.


The exhibition runs until 14th July.

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Ardent Form


Today is the last day of ‘Ardent Form’ an exhibition by Resonate Collective. I thought I would share this photograph I’m exhibiting from a recent body of work called Gallery Series.

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June 1, 2013 · 12:24 pm

Munich: Die Lange Nacht der Musik

I’m writing this while admiring picturesque views on a train from Munich to Salzburg . I’m installing an exhibition at Periscope:Project:Space this week- which I’ll post about later.


We had a great weekend in Munich and the highlight was definitely Die Lange Nacht Der Musik or in english The Long Night of Music. From 8pm to 3am literally hundreds of music gigs & concerts take place across Salzburg. You pay 15euro for a wristband and it allows you access to all of the venues and the special shuttle buses that run through out the night.

We started the evening off at Arts & Boards a nice arty bar with a gallery down stairs (which had a flashing mannequin – I kid you not!). After chilling out to some cool jazz with great improvs we headed to Agnes Neun. This was a small cosy pub squeezed to the brim with revellers listening to Derek O’Reilly – an Irish singer armed with his guitar & a host of traditional Irish songs.

After a wee sing song we made our way to Steinheil 16. The singer, Alison Degbe, was incredible. Dressed in a long black dress she was striking with a powerful & soulful voice to match. (I’d also recommend here for food too – reasonably priced & big portions!)

Our next venue was Carl Orff Auditorium- a complete contrast to the other places we’d been. The event was a series of performances that explore music & it’s boundaries with art & science. We stayed for three performances which were all experimental and included a woman using nonsense words & verbal sounds which were looped, a grand piano hooked up to an oscillator & a trio of clarinet, double bass & piano with a balloon thrown in for good measure!

Afterwards we hopped on a shuttle bus & stumbled upon Cafe Camera. We ended our evening here with a german band called Löwe. They had a nineties indie feel and had everyone singing along – me included, even though I can’t speak a word of German! Here’s a wee snippet on youtube…

It was fun nacht der musik & 15 euro well spent! Now, back to the train views….

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Abstract Movement

I’m delighted to be taking part in ‘Abstract Movement’ screening at Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh this evening. More info below and on the Facebook event page



Alison Clifford and Graeme Truslove, Kim Coleman, Tom Dale, Katherine Gallacher, Hannah Knights, Ion Lucin, Emma Macleod

Talbot Rice Screen presents an evening of abstract video works installed within and around the paintings and sculptures in the ‘Drawn Away Together’ exhibition.
The videos, selected from an open-call, span a broad range of moving image media including found footage, live action and computer-generated imagery. Like the works in ‘Drawn Away Together’, they explore and reveal the diverse and elusive nature of ‘the abstract’.

The evening will also include readings of the collective poem devised during artist Kevin Henderson’s Creative Writing Workshop ‘Once somewhere, somewhen’. The readings will be conducted by participants of the workshop.

This is a FREE event, all welcome.

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